Hi, I’m Matt Waters.

I remember as if it View More: http://karismariephotography.pass.us/2016_familyshoot_waterswere yesterday. My first fundraising housefile letter nailed a 6% response, $55 average gift. I was hooked. That client started with 2,200 names, and five years later we were mailing 25,000 names 18 times a year, averaging $90,000 net every month–sometimes more.

Today, one of my clients is making $2.33 per name–that’s right–making money on acquisition. We helped another client raise over $140,000 at the end of year–on 13,000 names. In 40+ years, they have never had a better package. For a Veterans group, our acquisition package acquired new names at just under $14. That is the key metric.  How much are you paying for a new name?  You gotta know that.  And, for the Vets group, they haven’t had a better performing prospect in over 5 years.

If you haven’t noticed, I like to make money for causes I believe in–I want to help you change the world. I have spent a life in the trenches raising money for charitable non-profits, politicians, PACs, ballot initiatives, and making sales for for-profit organizations.

I have over twenty years experience serving several national non-profit organizations as Vice President, Director of Development, Major Gift Officer and Executive Director.  I have also served in several fundraising agencies where I held titles such as Senior Account Manager, Director of Non-Profit Fund Raising, and Vice President of New Business Development. I understand very well the direct marketing agencies that have big offices in big buildings with big staffs, in the most expensive cities in the country (Psst–if you didn’t already know it, this means they routinely overcharge you, mark up your printing prices, or do both).

I have been privy to the internal workings of the non-profit organization–the high turnover, the lack of a cohesive vision and strategy, and multiple departments who don’t understand what the development office is up to or attempting to accomplish for the organization, the massive leadership challenges, and, well, you get the picture. There is almost no scenario with which I am not familiar.

What does this mean for you? This: If your development program or office is under-performing, or major gifts are not happening, the creative is dull, costs are high, and you want (and need) an honest fundraiser, then let’s meet!

So what can I do for you? For starters, I can lower your cost per new name. Increase your ROI. Save you money. Generate a national program that will feed your Major Gift Officers leads. Present new and responsible creative, that works (i.e. raises money). Create a national program. Connect your digital and print fundraising mediums. And more.

I can be reached at mw@waters.agency.


What We Do:

We create the Big Idea; We raise money. We win elections. We generate buzz. We stand out from the crowd. We have done this for 20 years. Creative Advertising Campaigns are our specialty.